At access unbound, we empower independence

At Access Unbound, our mission is to make the empowering world of snow sports accessible to people with disabilities by providing crucial financial support and partnering with professional adaptive programs.

We help transform the lives of people with disabilities or disabling conditions

What do we do?

Access Unbound removes financial barriers, working to provide individuals with disabilities with trusted, high-quality, professional education and fun recreation.

We also provide support for ski instructors who are pursuing adaptive ski certifications. By investing in training and mentoring for instructors to get their adaptive certifications, we can ensure that more people with disabilities have access to professional guidance and support. Not only does this make the snowsport experiences safe, enjoyable, and rewarding for individuals with disabilities, it also continues to cultivate a focus on inclusion, empathy and empowerment for all people.

here’s What Our Scholarship recipients have to say

Since [our son’s] diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, we’ve tried to find a sport that would mentally and physically challenge him. [His] occupational therapist [worked with him] on his sensory issues, balance and physical awareness….After skiing, she told us that skiing did for him in 2 weeks what she had done in 9 months; she said, if we kept him skiing, she didn’t need to see him. I am so grateful for the opportunity you have given him!”

– James' Mother
James is a 2018-'19 Scholarship Recipient.